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Office of the Prime Minister

Office of the Prime Minister

The Prime Ministers Office of Papua New Guinea is the highest level office in the country of PNG.

This office primary function is to support the Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill.

The organizational structure of the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) has traditionally been hierarchical in its design. At the upper echelons of this hierarchy resides the small circle of individuals entrusted with running the PMO. Depending on the personal approach of the Prime Minister, the duties of managing, administrating and co-ordinating the activities of the PMO will belong to the Chief of Staff.

The head of the PMO, George Bopi, Chief of Staff, is granted virtually uninhibited access to the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers. He oversees the activities of the Prime Minister’s staff, and can also serve as an important political adviser.

The functions served by the PMO, itself, have greatly evolved over time. In the ministries which followed Independence, the Prime Minister’s secretaries mainly fulfilled basic service roles, such as responding to routine correspondence. In more recent times and currently, with the institutionalization of the PMO, the PMO and its staff has expanded to include a wider variety of tasks, including the provision of policy advice, information gathering, communications, planning, and strategizing.

This office is a highly important office across all areas of Government in Papua New Guinea.

Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill, CMG, MP

Peter Charles Paire O’Neill, CMG (born 13 February 1965) is the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. He is the leader of the People’s National Congress and represents the constituency of Ialibu-Pangia. He was sworn in on 4 August 2012 as the ninth Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.
His mother, Awambo Yari, a Papua New Guinean, came from the Southern Highlands. His father moved to Papua New Guinea in 1949 as an Australian government field officer, known in Tok Pisin as a kiap, later serving as a magistrate in Goroka until his death in 1982.
Our Prime Minister grew up in the country of PNG, with a very basic upbringing. He was educated at the Pangia Primary School, Ialibu High School and Goroka High School. After leaving school he was educated at the University of Papua New Guinea, graduating with a Bachelor of Accountancy and Commerce in 1986.
Our Prime Minister was a businessman before entering politics. As of 2011 he lives in Port Moresby with his partner and has five children; two daughters (Loris and Joanne O’Neill) and three sons (Travis, Brian and Patrick O’Neill). Our Prime Minister first was elected to the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea in 2002 and became a minister in the same year.
He became the leader of Papua New Guinea’s opposition in 2004. He joined the government of Prime Minister Michael Somare in 2007, serving as treasurer. During Somare’s absence due to illness he served as works minister under acting prime minister Sam Abal.
In August 2011 he joined with opposition MPs. Our Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was elected as the acting Prime Minister in a parliamentary vote on 2 August 2011 and was sworn in later in the day by the Governor-General.