Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has called on the people of remote Menyamya in Morobe to have hope for a brighter future.
He said this when launching five major projects, an initiative of Menyamya MP and Pangu Pati member Hon. Benjamin Philip, during his one-day visit to Menyamya on Friday (October 8 2021).
They are Rural Housing Programme to supply roofing iron, upgrading of Menyamya Health Centre to Menyamya Rural Hospital, Menyamya Station Water Supply, staff housing for the hospital and police housing.
Apart from these projects initiated by MP Philip, PM Marape also announced assistance to various institutions in Menyamya, from the National Government.
These include K10,000 to all primary schools in the district; K5000 to all elementary schools; and upgrading of Menyamya High School and Aseki High School to secondary schools with a strong emphasis on Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE).
PM Marape also suggested the National Development Bank set up an agency in Menyamya to look after the interests of coffee farmers there.
He urged the people of Menyamya to go back to their coffee gardens, value education and respect law-and-order.
“These are the three things that I want the people of Menyamya to do: Look after your coffee gardens in partnership with the churches, value your education and have respect for law-and-order,” PM Marape said.
“Don’t be discouraged, don’t feel a sense of hopelessness, have hope.
“Have faith in God and continue working hard on your land.
“We, at the national level, will continue working hard for the next 10 years.
“I have set a target of 10 years for PNG to become the richest, black Christian nation on Earth.
“Over the last two years, we have already started achieving this, as evident by us getting a bigger share of resource projects.
"We are also retiring big expensive debts we inherited from the previous O'Neill regime, and building corruption-fighting institutions like Independent Commission Against Corruption."