sir rabbie namaliu



4th Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

Date of Birth               :           3 April 1947
Place of Birth              :           East New Britain Province 
Occupation                  :           Former Member of Parliament; represented the people of East New Britain Province. Former Leader of the Pangu Party




  • He was educated in Papua New Guinea and in Canada, at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Prior to his political career he was an academic in the field of political science at the University of PNG.


  • Before becoming Prime Minister, he served as Foreign Minister for the first time, from 1982 to 1984, by this time beginning his long alliance with Michael Somare who was Prime Minister at that time and served as Foreign Minister while Sir Rabbie was Prime Minister. He was appointed Foreign Minister in 2002, as part of the National Alliance Party Government of Michael Somare. He served as Foreign Minister until 12 July 2006 when he became Finance Minister during a Cabinet reshuffle. Sir Rabbie subsequently lost his seat of Kokopo Open at the 2007 election but has not ruled out a future return to politics. He lost his Cabinet post when the new government, again led by Somare, took office in August 2007.
  • He is a widower and has two grown sons.
  • As a former Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, he is a member of the Imperial Privy Council since 1989 and is styled “The Right Honourable”.

Sir Rabbie Namaliu – In Office as the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea:

  • 1988-1992