Government Printing Office

The year 2018 was a special year for the Government Printing Office, despite the economic challenges, the Printing Office celebrated its 130 years anniversary since its establishment on 04th September1888. Our 130 years celebration coincided with the commissioning of new equipment acquired to meet the growing demands of our clients, the launching of the next five (5) years Corporate Plan 2019-2023 and the launching of the GPO website.

These are tremendous achievements and something that we as a nation can be proud of given GPO’s role in gazettal publication, a mandatory function that is becoming critical in the formation of successive governments & provision of printing services. The Government Printing Office is one of our first institutions of Government to be established in the colonial era by the British Government and after more than a century, we are still strong, consolidated and growing each day.
A strategized approach on cost minimization and revenue maximization, effective cost control mechanisms, in particular, a review of service providers’ contracts, cost overview on repair & maintenance, assets replacement & acquisition, relocation options, operating cost and staffs’ levels of productivity hinged to cost efficiency were prioritized. Major challenges remain to be foreign exchange difficulties on offshore equipment and consumables costs including payment delays from clients. Despite these challenges, certain key priorities were achieved e.g. installation of new press, website launching for online gazettal apart from routine activities captured in 2018 Annual Work Plan.

GPO is established under Section 252 of the National Constitution and the Printing of Laws Act (Chapter 333). Its primary function is to provide a fail-free timely service to the Three Arms of Government, public and private sector clients with the vision to be a State Service Authority solely dedicated to providing premium quality printing and publishing services utilizing innovative technology to serve the Government as the cornerstone for democratic values and perseverance.

As Official Publisher to Government, we ensure we have that competitive edge and on par with competitors in the printing industry. Key business objectives prioritised for implementation in line with GPO’s (5) year Corporate Plan (2014-2018 and 2018 Annual Plan.

1. To Build and Maintain a Reputation for Timely Printing & Delivering Quality Products and Services
2. To Promote Prudent Financial Management
3. To Maintain a Highly Skilled, Informed and Satisfied Workforce through Innovative Human Resource Management and Best Practices
4. Pursue and Maintain Innovative and Effective Sales and Marketing Strategies
5. Adopt Innovative Information & Communication Technology
6. To Ensure Effective Management of Assets and Print Technology 

These key business objectives are strategically aligned to the core functions of the six main sections;
Production/Graphics/Pre-Press, Finance & Human Resources Management, Sales & Marketing,
Publications and Information Technology within the Government Printing Office.