APEC Secretariat

1. Introduction
The PNG APEC Secretariat (PNGAS) was established on the 23rd August 2012 through NEC Decision NG 19/2012 purposely to coordinate Papua New Guinea’s preparations to the hosting of APEC in 2018, and to facilitate and manage Papua New Guinea’s membership of the APEC process.

The Secretariat, headed by a Director General, reports directly to the Office of the Prime Minister through the Office of the Chief Secretary to Government. As at 31st December 2018, the Secretariat had a total of seventeen (17) staff. The Secretariat during Papua New Guinea’s hosting of APEC in 2018, also employed as casuals nine (9) university interns and twenty-four (24) other support staff to support its policy undertakings and meeting documentation center.

2. Functions: Roles and Responsibilities
The Secretariat is (was) responsible for drafting and coordinating the Operations Plan 2018 (OP PLAN 2018) with relevant agencies and departments in preparation for, and the hosting and chair of APEC by PNG in 2018.

The Secretariat is also responsible for the following:
2.1 participate in all relevant domestic and international APEC-related meetings to implement and coordinate Papua New Guinea’s membership of the APEC process through its annual work plan, KPIs and KRAs;
2.2 provide the policy framework, logistical advice and support to all relevant agencies and departments participating in the APEC process including supporting PNG APEC Senior
Official (SOM) at all APEC Senior Officials Meetings Abroad;
2.3 facilitate the drafting and production of Issues and Bilateral Briefs for PNG Leaders at all APEC Ministerial Meetings and at the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting (AELM); and
Department of Prime Minister & National Executive Council - 2018 ANNUAL REPORT TO PARLIAMENT 36
2.4 coordinate the drafting of relevant Concept Notes and Project Proposal for APEC capacity building activities in PNG.