Policy Coordination & Monitoring 1

Office of Deputy Secretary - Policy Wing 1

The Policy Coordinating and Monitoring Wing (PCMW 1) is a newly established Wing under the Department’s new 2016 structure initiated and approved by the Chief Secretary and DPM respectively. The structure accommodates a ‘Sectoral’ approach in whole-of-government policy coordination and monitoring, including reporting on all NEC Decisions by the Department of Prime Minister & NEC. The Wing is headed by a Deputy Secretary who oversees the functions of the Economic, Infrastructure, International Relations and Compliance Sectors.

Reports for PCMW 1 are presented under the respective Branches and Divisions of the Wing.
1. Office of the Deputy Secretary, Economics, Infrastructure Sector and International Relations (EIS & IR);
2. Economic Sector – cover reports on the Renewable and Non-renewable sectors;
3. Infrastructure Sector – covers reports on Works and Transport sectors;
4. International Relations; and
5. Development Partners, Compliance & Coordination Unit (DPCCU)

1. Provide timely strategic policy advice to Chief Secretary, Prime Minister & NEC concerning the management and coordination of PNG’s Domestic & International affairs;
2. Report on whole of Government performance related to the implementation of Government priorities as advocated in the national development plans (e.g., MTDPs, DSP2010-2030 and Vision 2050) and;
3. Coordinate and monitor NEC Decisions, Government directives, impact projects, development agendas, sector policies and its implementation progress reprint.

1. To provide the Prime Minister, Ministers and the National Executive Council with high quality and timely policy, legislation, and management advice in relation to National Plans and;
2. To promote high quality and timely advice to Chief Secretary, Prime Minister, NEC and Ministerial Committees on the effective management of issues of national security, defenceand international relations (economic and trade issues).

There are four divisions under the Deputy Secretary - Policy Coordination and Monitoring 1


Economic Sector

Infrastructure Sector

International Relations

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