Office of Deputy Secretary - Operations Wing

The Department Structure was recommended by Chief Secretary and approved by Secretary Department of Personnel Management in 2016. It has a Deputy Secretary Operations, who provides the strategic leadership and prudent management of the following functional areas and strategic services within the Department of Prime Minister & NEC: Corporate Services; Ministerial Services; State Services; Media and Investigations.

The Corporate Services Division are made up of: Human Resource Management (HRM); Finance & Administration (F&A); Corporate Planning & Performance Management Unit (CPMU); Information Technology (IT) and State Building Assets & Security (SBAS). The State Services Division are made up of: Protocol and Government Flying Unit (GFU).

The main function of the Operations Wing and the Office of the Deputy Secretary Operations is to provide timely and strategic corporate policy advice to the Chief Secretary to Government, Prime Minister, the National Executive Council, Ministerial Committees and the Department through the five core functions.

The functions are as follows:
1. To provide overall corporate policy and management advice to the following Corporate Functions: HRM, F&A, CPMU, State Services & Protocol, Media, Information Technology and SBAS;

2. To provide professional corporate policy and advice to engage consultancy services for special approved projects by the Chief Secretary;

3. To provide the overall corporate advice on the implementation of the PM&NEC Corporate Plan 2018 - 2022 and the Annual Work Plans 2018;

4. To initiate and conduct Committee Meetings within the Corporate Functions such as selection and recruitment, the Housing, Budget and Departmental Training Committee,
and report on the progress of the outcomes to the Chief Secretary;

5. To provide a quarterly Executive Brief on the Department’s Corporate Affairs to the Chief Secretary on its overall functions;

6. To ensure the timely preparation of the Department’s quarterly and annual report is presented to Chief Secretary; and

7. Perform other functions as are determined by the Chief Secretary to Government or as are specified in any law or regulations.

To provide corporate services to the Prime Minister and Ministers, the Governor General, Ministerial Committees, Office of the Chief Secretary and the Department.
Specific Objectives are to:

1. To monitor and report on the Corporate Objectives set out in the Department’s Corporate Plan and the Annual Work Plans;
2. To improve areas of governance such as accountability and transparency in the conduct of business as the lead agency of Government; and
3. Provide Chairmanship on behalf of the Chief Secretary to oversee established ‘Committees’ within Operations Wing, convene meetings and report the outcomes to the Senior Management and Chief Secretary regularly.
Under the Leadership of the Deputy Secretary - Operations Wing, there are Divisions that provide the support services.
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