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  • Provide secretariat services to the National Executive Council (NEC);
  • Provide secretariat services to Committee of the NEC;
  • Receive submission to the NEC and to ensure their compliance with procedures of the NEC;
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of NEC decisions; and
  • Perform other functions as are determined by the NEC or as specified in any law.


  • To provide the Prime Minister, Minister and the National Executive Council with high quality and timely policy, legislative and management advise in relation to PNG Vision 2050 National Plan;
  • To lead the Public Sector through an effective Whole-of-Government approach to coordinate policy development and monitor implementation; and
  • To provide effective and efficient corporate and other support services to the Prime Minister, the Governor General, the National Executive Council, Ministers, Ministerial Committees and the Department.
Director General Grace So'on