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Coordinate, monitor and provide advice to Chief Secretary and Prime Minister on NEC Decisions on all major;

  1. Accountability issues in the public service
  2. Governance issues
  3. Transparency issues
  4. Electoral issues
  5. Disaster, displacement, and mobilization issues.


Corporate Objective 1

To provide the Prime Minister, Ministers and the National Executive Council with high quality and timely advice on policy, legislative, and management interventions in relation to the PNG Vision 2050 and National Plans.

Corporate Objective 2

To coordinate the development and implementation of effective institutional arrangements to strengthen governance, policy, and planning frameworks in Whole-of-Government systems for quality performance and management at all levels.

Corporate Objective 3

To lead the public sector through an effective Whole-of-Government approach, through  coordination of policy development and implementation as well as monitoring of NEC Decisions.

Corporate Objective 4

To enhance and ensure public sector performance and accountability through a program of public sector reform with effective monitoring. evaluating and reporting.