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Economic & Resource Sector

Core Functions

  1. Provide advice and up-to-date information on all major issues related to major economic and sustainable development;
  2. Provide analysis, assessment and advice on large development projects include mining, fisheries, forestry, infrastructure, agriculture, trade & investment, commerce & industry (SME, informal sector) SOEs, transport and land matters;
  3. Provide oversight monitoring and assessment on the implementation of the Recurrent and Development Budget in liaison with Department of Treasury, Finance and National Planning;
  4. Maintain up to date information on the performance of both budget and advice Chief Secretary; and
  5. Coordinate development policy on climate change and mitigation, issue on environment biodiversity and sustainability, impact and mitigation on food security and production, carbon trade, REDD initiative and related issues.


  1. To provide the Prime Minister, Ministers, and the National Executive Council with high quality and timely policy, legislation, and management advice in relation to National Development Plans.
Staff of the Economic and Sustainable Development Branch