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Human Resource Management 


Human Resource Management Administration

  1. Responsible for proper compliance and processing of salaries, allowances and related entitlements, and benefits of employees, including payroll auditing and editing for the Department.
  2. Manage Department’s payroll and generate relevant reports from the payroll on manpower (quarterly) in a timely manner for the management.
  3. Administer the workforce plan, in particular recruitment and selection and maintenance of manpower and establishment information for the department.

Employment conditions and Industrial Relations

  1. Interpret relevant Public Service General Orders and the provisions of related legislation where they relate to terms and conditions of employment so as to ensure compliance by the employees of the Department.
  2. Provide secretariat support to the Departmental Housing Committee.
  3. Ensure workplace health and safety for the department is maintained.
  4. Mainstream Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) in the Department.

Organization and Change Management

  1. Ensure that organization structures, systems and processes are cost-effective, including workforce planning in the Department.
  2. Introduce change management interventions and ensure performance management is instituted in the Department.
  3. Administer and coordinate training and learning for the Department.
  4. Undertake job analysis and job evaluation on positions as and when required in consultation with the Department of Personnel Management.


To provide effective and efficient corporate and other support services to the Prime Minister, the Governor General, the National Executive Council, Ministers, Ministerial Committees, and the Department.

Director Joachim Gahekave
HRM Officer, Moale Noi recently graduated from Divine Word University with a Diploma in Management.