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Office of Legislative Council

Core Functions

  1. Prepare all Government legislation, both primary (Acts) and secondary (Regulations) initial and amending for presentation to Parliament;
  2. Prepare subordinate legislation and instruments (Gazettal notices, Determinations, Proclamations, etc) related to legislation;
  3. Institute arrangements for the printing of the revised laws and the continued editorial work on the Revised Edition of Laws; and
  4. Advice and/or draft legislation for Provincial and Local Level Governments.


  1. To provide the Prime Minister, Ministers and the National Executive Council with high quality and timely policy, legislative, and management advice in relation to National Plans.
  2. To lead the Public Sector through an effective Whole-of-Government approach to coordination of policy development and implementation monitoring.
  3. To provide effective and efficient corporate and other support services to the Prime Minister, the Governor-General, the National Executive Council, Ministers, Ministerial Committees and the Department.
From left, First Legislative Counsel, Johnny Bogombari with former Chief Secretary, Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc OBE.