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Central Agencies Coordinating Committee Secretariat

Core Functions

  1. Consult, coordinate, plan and manage Central Agencies Coordinating Committee (CACC) meetings at national, regional and provincial levels;
  2. Provide secretarial and corporate services to CACC;
  3. Monitor and report on the implementation of NEC Decisions to CACC and NEC;
  4. Regularly review and provide analysis and assessment of aid donor policies and programs/strategies for CACC; and
  5. Maintain effective coordination and oversight on all donor funding in consultation with Departments of Treasury, Finance, Foreign Affairs and National Planning & Monitoring.


  1. Corporate Plan Objective One – to provide the Prime Minister, Ministers and the National Executive Council with high quality and timely policy, legislate and management advice in relation to national plans.
  2. Corporate Plan Object Two – to coordinate the development and implementation of effective institutional arrangements to strengthen governance, policy and planning frameworks in Whole-of-Government systems for quality performance and management at all levels.
  3. Corporate Plan Objective Three – to lead the Public Sector through an effective Whole-of-Government approach to coordinate policy development and monitor implementation.
Philip Leo